Saving Strays and British School of Grooming – Positive Relationship

Saving Strays has such a positive relationship with British School of Grooming.  The school work very closely with us to ensure our dogs are given the best chance of being adopted. Many of the animals we rescue come from a very diverse background and are often neglected, not always but often. The dog’s we rescue need a number of crucial things to help them back to good health, medication, warmth, food, rest, love and a good groom. This is where British School of Grooming support us to enable them to become presentable and smell good for our fosterers!  A good groom is also important to ensure the dogs are in a fit state to entre someone’s home ensuring no fleas & parasites are on the dog and the dogs nails are cut as overgrown nails can cause pain as they can curl up and dig into the dogs’ paw.

Saving Strays

The relationship we have with British School of Grooming is a win – win as our dogs give a chance for the students at the school to gain much needed experience not just in grooming a dog but in how to manage a dog that may have been mistreated and need more care and patience when being groomed. It also gives some students a chance to experience how anxious and nervous some dogs are when entering a grooming salon.  A good all-round blended education is necessary to enable students are ready to work in the grooming industry that can be challenging with very different customer needs and very different behaviours from the dogs being groomed.

All our dogs attending British School of Grooming receive the same experience as any other dogs, they are welcomed into the school warmly, treated with care and consideration, they are groomed expertly by the students attending with excellent tutors overseeing the process and teaching the very latest techniques and skills to a very high standard. The school provides an excellent caring environment for all within the salon.

Saving Strays and British School of Grooming - Positive Relationship

There are many rewards working with animals and being a dog groomer is no different after all how many people can say that the customer often licks their face!!