The school offers a dedicated and calm grooming area for students to work within. Our bathing and drying areas include the most up to date equipment for students to use. The school’s facilities include a kitchen & toilets. The facility is designed to give students and pets the most comfortable and positive experiences.

The Training Area

Comprises of student workstations, with access to Comprises of student workstations, with access to clippers, blades, scissors, brushes, combs, personal trolly, stainless steel bath (height adjustable) & high velocity dryers. Each workstation has an adjustable table with ‘H’ Bar and industry standard restraints for the safety of both the dog and student.

Student Kit

As part of the course fee for students attending our L3 OCN Diploma & Certificate each student is provided with personal kit which includes, tunic, towel, comb, slicker brush, clipper blades. All other equipment is provided for student use within the salon. Students will however need to bring their own grooming scissors i.e. straights, curved and thinners. Advise given or even purchased on your behalf with discount should you need that support.

Students can take advantage of our ‘pooch model’ discount

Students can bring their own dogs into the salon and groom taking advantage of the equipment and products. Also, when planning to build your own businesses attending with one of your own potential clients is a very good way to begin the process. Not only does it build your confidence and familiarise you with the animal under supervision it also gives you valuable experience of managing your client’s and building your client base.  All dogs attending are charged £20 per dog as we have overheads to cover ie utilities, shampoo, conditioners and wear and tear on equipment used etc but as you know this is in many cases less than half price. This can help you start to advertise your new businesses to local people, friends and family.

Please arrange with the centre before confirming with a client so we don’t double book.


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