How Much Does a Dog Groomer Earn in the UK

Ever wondered how much a dog groomer earns in the UK? More and more people are now focusing on taking care of their dogs, and as a result the demand for dog grooming has grown in recent years. People are more aware of the benefits of caring for their dog, but it is also important to maintain a high level of hygiene as well. From trimming coats to washing and even trimming claws, there is a lot involved in dog grooming but if you are considering opening a dog grooming business it can help to understand how much a dog groomer earns in the UK.

Is There a Demand for Dog Groomers?

Absolutely. Since 2019, there has been a significant increase in the population of dogs and dog breeds and the number of dogs in the UK has risen to 10.2 million from 6.2 million. In just two years, this has increased by 4 million. What this means for dog groomers is that they are now in demand and more people are now looking to pursue a career as a dog groomer.

Can Dog Groomers Make Good Money?

How much do dog groomers make? It’s possible for dog groomers to make good money, especially if they start their own businesses. If they have a successful business with a large clientele, and they have the scope to groom several dogs per day then they have the scope to earn good money. They can also grow their business by taking on staff and more clients, all of which will help them to make even more money.

Is Dog Grooming a Profitable Business?

Yes, dog grooming is a profitable business, employed dog groomers can earn anything from £13,000 to £23,000 per year in pay. For those who are self-employed or run their own dog grooming business then they can earn much more – as much as £100,000 (this would be multiple salons). This is because they have the scope to charge their own amount based on the market rates for taking care of dogs and handling the grooming for their owners.

Dog Grooming Business Cost in the UK

If you start a self-employed business as a dog groomer, then you can keep your grooming business cost low, especially if you operate from home. However, the costs increase once you begin factoring in the cost of premises, equipment, and supplies as well as running costs. Set Up costs vary depending on the scale of the intended business. Set-up costs can be as cheap as needed, from as little as £2,000 for equipment and insurance.

How Much Does Dog Grooming Business Make a Year In the UK?

This is all dependent on whether they choose to become an employee of a business or start up their own dog grooming business. If you’re wondering how much dog groomers make, then on average they will earn pay of around £11 per hour or around £20,000. This is the kind of wage you can expect if you work for a company, but if you decide to open your own business, then you can earn anything from £20,000 to £35,000 running a single one-man band salon.

How Do Groomers Get Paid?

Dog groomers get paid either per hour or by the price that they charge for specific treatment if they are self-employed. So, an employee will get paid an hourly rate as part of their wages while a business owner will get paid per job.

How Long Does it Take to Train to Be a Dog Groomer?

To become a dog groomer, you will need a dog grooming qualification. Initial beginner grooming courses can take just a few weeks, but ongoing learning and training will be needed to continue to develop your skills. After completing a beginner’s course, further teaching can come in many forms such as 1-1 training with experienced groomers, grooming shows and workshops, or online seminars.

Things Needed to Start a Dog Grooming Business

✓ A business plan 

✓ Plan how you will operate 

✓ Give your business a brand identity 

✓ Take out insurance and licences 

✓ Purchase tools and supplies 

✓ Undertake training and obtain certifications 

✓ Determine pricing 

✓ Promote your business

Becoming a dog groomer can be extremely rewarding, especially if you are a dog lover and love working with animals. Once you have obtained the right qualification, you can then opt to start your own business or work for a business that offers dog grooming. Either way, you have the scope to earn good money and do something that you enjoy.

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